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Mom's in Business 15 Success Stories of Soul

Mom's in Business 15 Success Stories of Soul


Reaching No. 1 on three Amazon best-seller lists, WOW Woman Of Worth is a collection of powerful real-life stories from fifteen fabulous females who share how they have moved through extraordinary challenges to lead successful and joyful lives.


Motherhood is messy, brilliant, overwhelming ... and full of so much love it can stop your heart in its tracks. When you add in a career or business, the juggling act stretches you to new heights. Sometimes it brings you to your knees, but you keep your heart open and you keep going - because you believe in you.


The dynamic mother-daughter trio of DeeAnn Lensen and her daughters Kirsten Slenning and Nicole Slenning. In their chapter "Daughters Become Mothers", they present a very unique perspective on being a mom in business from the viewpoint of both the mother and the daughters!

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