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Women's Wellness Aging at Age with Moxie!

Women's Wellness Aging at Age with Moxie!


WOW Woman Of Worth is a collection of powerful real-life stories from fifteen fabulous females who share how they have moved through extraordinary challenges to lead successful and joyful lives.


"Moxie" is the secret sauce that juices things up. It lets you know who you are and allows you to live out loud with spirit and no regrets. These authors have shared a diversity of gritty real-life stories from hormonal nightmares, devastating breakups, bullying, illness, accidents, depression and more, yet they have all chosen to move through adversity into triumph.


There is something to inspire every woman in this book. These stories will inspire you to nudge the upper limits of your comfort zone and take the next step into a higher level of joy, wellness, purpose, and passion.

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